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  • Pankaj Sisodia

    February 27, 2023 at 8:08 pm

    Hi, this is very subjective. Depends on various elements in my opinion. If someone is in public space, then there should not be any issues if someone clicks their photos, as long as we do not interfere with their private space. Second, major element is – cultural aspect. Not every religion/locality is open minded, there are conservative people. If there is a group of kids, youth, they do not mind mostly. Also, how we approach for the photoshoot is also critical, any mysterious move can be a problem. And best is we must encourage ourselves to go and get the consent.
    This is in my point of view, others may differ.
    Thank you!

    Edit: One suggestion: Get a 70-200mm lens, one of the best for portrait and street photography, with this lens you need not get very close to someone. ????