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  • Chetna R Shah

    March 2, 2023 at 8:00 am

    Hello, While surfing the internet for this particular aspect of “street photography” I came to know that our constitution (talking about India) allows us to take photographs of people/individual person in “public places” where photography is not ‘explicitly prohibited.’

    We don’t need to be worried about anything much until & unless we are using them for commercial or any illegal purposes.

    Obviously it’s always nice & gentle idea to let people know that they are being clicked, but I’m concerned about the situation where taking permission is not possible and purpose of clicking is just learning.

    Anyways this topic is basically related to “fundamental rights” so I have decided to discuss about it with any legal person once I get hold of main subject that is ‘Camera Settings’.

    Thank you very much to both of you for writing your thoughts. ????

    @Pramod Pankaj @Pramod @sisodiapankajgmail-com