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Online Photography Class

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Sudhir Shivaram’s Achievements

Online Photography Class

Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photographer of the year Award

Online Photography Class

National Geographic Yellow Border Award

Online Photography Class

Brand Ambassador of Sony

Online Photography Class

Social Media influencer for Samsung, Land rover, Vivo, Xiaomi

Online Photography Class

India's most influential photographer

Online Photography Class

Ranked No.1 in the world as most popular wildlife photographer on the internet

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What You’ll Learn From These Course?

  • Online Photography Class The basic fundamentals of photography and advanced functions of your digital camera.
  • Online Photography Class The specific functions of many camera brands; what camera/lens is perfect for your shoot.
  • Online Photography Class The ultimate guide to any kind of photography.
  • Online Photography Class The art of post processing to bring out that wow factor in your images.

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Get To Know Your Mentor

Sudhir Shivaram

Online Photography Class

Sudhir Shivaram, a wildlife photographer and photography mentor, is the founder Sudhir Shivaram Photography. Decades ago he left the corporate jungle to spend more time in the real one and soon, became one of the world’s finest Wildlife photographers.

He has over two decades of experience in capturing breath-taking shots and of sharing his expertise by teaching the art of photography to amateurs and professionals. Today, he is known for his ability to simplify complex concepts and techniques, making them easy for his students to understand and apply.

Online Photography Class

These Courses Are For You If...


You are a Mass Communication Student who wants to learn the art of photography.


Photography is your hobby and you want to click better photos.


You’re a Professional Photographerwho wants to take it to the next level.


You are a Wildlife Enthusiast who loves to capture nature in the most exotic way.


You want to sell photographs online.


You desire to join the Nat Geo community.

Witness Magical Shots Captured By SSP Students

Get Certified!

After completing every course, get a certificate signed by Sudhir Shivaram, himself, your photography mentor.

Online Photography Class

What His Students Have To Say About Him?

Online Photography Class
Online Photography Class

My name is Pranav More and I am a banker by profession. Honestly speaking, I was completely lost before getting registered with your tutorials. Even-though there.

Pranav More
Online Photography Class
Online Photography Class

My friends were little skeptical in the beginning about learning photography through on-line video tutorials. This concept was really new to our country. Though I was doing photography for last 2 years, the learning was through observations and on-field experiments. At times I was worried that why my pictures are not sharp.

Dr Sudhir Hasamnis
Online Photography Class
Online Photography Class

Nevertheless your extensive knowledge sharing with excellent photographic skills has proven you to be the one of the best photographer and a mentor. Now your latest initiative on your learning portal has laid an undoubtedly a wonderful platform for all those budding/pro photographers to learn and to take their interest to their next level.

Pavithrakumar P Ankad
Online Photography Class
Online Photography Class

My name is Pranav More and I am a banker by profession. Honestly speaking, I was completely lost before getting registered with your tutorials. Even-though there are countless videos available on youtube, one can reach nowhere using them as there is no proper structure in them.

Pranav More
Online Photography Class
Online Photography Class

I find Mr. Sudhir's photography tutorials extremely helpful and intuitive. He is not only a talented photographer; he is a good teacher who is capable of simplifying complex concepts in photography.

Wesam Al Saka
Online Photography Class
Online Photography Class

I wanted to thank you for making photography somewhat easier. I have subscribed to your tutorials and I find them very easy to learn and understand. Being very busy with work, they allow me to learn at my own pace.

Reuben Canagaratnam


These are pre-recorded videos which you can watch anytime, on any number of devices and access it for lifetime. You can watch them on computer browser and also continue watching them on the SSP App.

Many of the courses are hands on where you get to do practical assignments along with your mentor as he takes you through the course. You need to execute the assignments and that will help you learn and get your fundamentals strong.

You have lifelong access to the platform and the courses. There is no stipulated time to complete it. You can go through the course and always revisit it any number of times based on your flexibility.

The learning platform have discussion forums for you to post your queries and interact with the mentor to get your doubts clarified.

We have different categories for you to post the images on the platform and request for feedback and critique.

You will be given a course completion certificate personally signed by Sudhir Shivaram on completion of the entire course.

Learn The Fundamentals Of Photography & Take Your Photography To The Next Level