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    Posted by Medhansh Kumar on December 10, 2023 at 8:57 pm

    Hi my name is Medhansh and I am a kid in 7th grade in New Delhi. I am so pleased to join this platform on which I can share my photos and receive feedback from other people on my photos and especially some feedback from Sir Sudhir Shivaram. My passion for photography started a year ago in 2022 when my parents got me a instax li-play camera which was a 2 mp camera with a screen and ad card storage, and I used that camera and I submitted my photos for a competition held by unesco and seemingly I came second. I used that camera all the time and my father had the confidence to let me use his dslr camera for wildlife photography. It has brought me to new heights and I am using my superzoom camera now while getting new feedback while enhancing my creativity. I saw some of sir’s videos that gave me thorough knowledge of switching from auto to manual mode.

    I am still getting a hang of using this website and i can’t wait to upload some of my photos and get feedback from everyone.


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